Thursday, 1 October 2009

Happy Hookers Fat Bottom Bag

I have made this bag before (Fat Bottom Bag, published in 'Happy Hooker' by Debbie stroller), but couldn't get to grips with the wooden hoop handles. I need a bag I can just sling over my shoulders. After a search on Ravelry I found this adaption on the brilliant Bend Beanies blog. The bag had been made deeper with extra rows around the band at the top, and the handles crocheted onto the side of the bag.
For the first time in my life I also lined the finished bag, hoping that the touch of fabric would take away the 'homemade' look. To make the bag a bit more secure, I crocheted a strap and added a vintage button from my Granny's button collection. I do intend to make a corsage to sew to the straps, but in the mean time have pinned a lovely knitted flower broach my Mum recently made for me. Can a girl have too many bags?

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Heather said...

The red button complements the lining and yarn really nicely, nice one.