Friday, 30 October 2009

Panda Love

Here we have Penny Panda, a quick one night project. Simple 'tube' shape and would be a great beginners projects if you've never tried Amigurumi before.

I got this pattern from the Lionbrand website:-

I left off the legs because I felt she stood up better without them- a friend asked where her mouth was, but I quite liked the face mouthless - do you think I should embroider on a mouth?

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Thread Sketching Tutorial

Here's a fantastic Tutorial for thread sketching with your sewing machine - by Clutter Punk

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Needlework with a twist

After my little brothers wedding I realised that many of the older generations were not around to produce some of the lovely samplers that I have, to celebrate my wedding. So I have set about that task myself. My first attempt was a mixed stitch sampler, which was ok but a little coarse. So I then went on to use Dan and Carries wedding invite ( seen beside the sampler, a little unusual in it's self) to inspire a needle point piece. I only put on their names and the date of their marriage. An unusual reminder, to hang some where discreet like the wardrobe!

Box room bargins

Another box room bargin.......£1.50 for the set.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Babychinos, Cookies and Play Dough

Saturday!! -yippee!! Start of the October school break and with an absent father/husband off running up a ski slope in the Cairngorms, all in the name of fun, the boys and I are having a lazy afternoon. In a fit of nostalgia, harking back to when my boys were toddlers, I have just cooked up a big gungy pan of play dough:-

Play Dough Recipe
300g / 10 oz flour
180g / 7 oz salt
2 tbsp cream of Tartar
scant tsp of Oil
500 ml / 15 floz water
1 tsp vanilla (optional, just makes it smell nice)

Mix together in a pan and bring to boil stirring continuously until it becomes 'dry' looking, remove from heat and allow to cool. Knead to bring together into smooth ball and if you like, knead in a few drops of food colour until desired colour.

45 minutes later, my 2 are still playing with it, which is a small miracle in itself given their short attention spans, I am trying hard to ignore the state of my kitchen table and floor!!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Baby Beanies

These little hats have been a joy to make, and knock up very, very quickly. Hats and beanies I have made in the past have been done 'on the round' which are great in themselves, but sometimes I crave thick, chunky, ribbed knitted hats and I wondered if I could recreate the look with crochet.

Enter the half double crochet!! this beanie has been crocheted as a flat rectangle, slip stitched together into a tube and then decreased at the top to close the tube. I have made this pattern for a new born size, but it is completely adaptable, add more stitches to increase the depth of the hat, add more rows to increase the circumference.

This pattern is for the 0-3 month size only. 5.5mm hook & WW (chunky)yarn.
With red yarn, CH 22.
Row 1: HDC in 3rd ch from hook and each st across, ch 2, turn. (20 HDC)
Row 2: HDC in each st across, ch 2, turn (20 hdc)
Row 3 - 25: Repeat row 2.
Join work end-to-end and Slip Stitch up the side. Fasten off and weave in the ends. Turn right side out.

With green yarn, join with SC to top of hat next to the seam. Work SC's around the top but do not join.
Work SC2TOG continuously around the top of the hat until there are 4-5 STS remaining.
For stalk make 1 SC in each ST around, for approx 5 rounds until the stem is the height you want. Fasten off and poke the string down into the hat.

For the pom-pom hat, without the stalk, I simply joined on the same colour yarn at the top of the tube, (as with the berry) and continued to decrease until the hole was filled - I do wonder if this could be done a bit neater by just threading yarn around the top edge of the tube and pulling tight to join?
**UPDATE** I have just made another plain beanie (without berry stalk) and have found it to be much quicker and neater, if once you have created the 'tube' you simply make a running stitch with matching yarn around the top and then pull tight to close.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Birds of a feather...

My fascination for birds (of the feathered variety) led me to produce a series of textile designs for a course at the local art school. These are just a couple of them.

Winter warmer for an old bird

I feel quite victorious that not only have I finally produced something with my ball of beautiful "Noro" wool but, it is the perfect present for my mum. One pressie down, all the rest to go!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Happy Hookers Fat Bottom Bag

I have made this bag before (Fat Bottom Bag, published in 'Happy Hooker' by Debbie stroller), but couldn't get to grips with the wooden hoop handles. I need a bag I can just sling over my shoulders. After a search on Ravelry I found this adaption on the brilliant Bend Beanies blog. The bag had been made deeper with extra rows around the band at the top, and the handles crocheted onto the side of the bag.
For the first time in my life I also lined the finished bag, hoping that the touch of fabric would take away the 'homemade' look. To make the bag a bit more secure, I crocheted a strap and added a vintage button from my Granny's button collection. I do intend to make a corsage to sew to the straps, but in the mean time have pinned a lovely knitted flower broach my Mum recently made for me. Can a girl have too many bags?