Thursday, 29 April 2010


My new blog..I love contributing to GWI, and this new one - Northern Hi-lights, is my own personal blog. I would love for you to pop by....Elaine x

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Home-made Ric-Rac

So easy, so addictive, so many possibilities - why didn't I think of this?? All credit to Jellywares for this great idea and pattern - I'm thinking towel edgings, garlands, tarting up of t-shirts etc..

I adapted Jellyware's pattern slightly for finer ric-rac, by using SC and only 1CH, and now the seed has been sown I can see that you could use lots of different crochet motifs - hearts, flowers etc...very, very addictive!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

....there are no bounds

I sat down last night after a gloriously sunny day in North Eastern Scotland, and wanted a quick crochet fix. I found a ball of parcel string in my stash and remembered a pattern for a crochet skull in a book I bought a couple of years back

'Craftivity' by Tsia Carson, is a collection of projects for 'The DIY Lifestyle' and has a couple of crochet and knitting patterns.
The skull pattern was written by Diane Bromberg, and I love her introduction to the pattern:
"Knitting is like building with bricks, and crochet is like building with a fluid erector set - there are no bounds."
Possibly for me the skull is the highlight in the book, with a few misses as well as hits:-

Knitted Lampshade anyone?

I love this knitted hammock though..
To think, with a ball of string and some knitting needles, you will always be able to knock up your own bed for the night, Ray Mears watch out....!

Friday, 9 April 2010

Oxfam Online

How cool is this? Oxfam are now offering an online shopping service! Makes total sense when you think about it, how fantastic......!

As far as I can see delivery is free (or, more likely, built into the cost per item) but it's possible to make a contribution to the charity at the checkout too. Can't beat a bit of charity shopping for a guilt free, eco friendly retail hit that often offers an opportunity to buy something really quite special and unusual too. Super cool.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Bamboo Tape

I've just ordered a stash of the above Rowan Bamboo tape. I have never used it before to crochet with, but was very impressed last week whilst visiting my Mother -in-law, when she showed me a knitted tunic she had recently made using the tape . The finished garment had a lovely silky feel and a nice weight to it. Any other hookers have any experience using it? I ordered it for only 69p a ball from Kemp wool shop , so feel like I'm getting a bargain to boot.

Whilst browsing on Ravelry last night I found a fantastic cardigan pattern, and plan to make it using the grey bamboo tape.
I am now counting the days for my yarn order to arrive.....sad or what??