Sunday, 11 April 2010

....there are no bounds

I sat down last night after a gloriously sunny day in North Eastern Scotland, and wanted a quick crochet fix. I found a ball of parcel string in my stash and remembered a pattern for a crochet skull in a book I bought a couple of years back

'Craftivity' by Tsia Carson, is a collection of projects for 'The DIY Lifestyle' and has a couple of crochet and knitting patterns.
The skull pattern was written by Diane Bromberg, and I love her introduction to the pattern:
"Knitting is like building with bricks, and crochet is like building with a fluid erector set - there are no bounds."
Possibly for me the skull is the highlight in the book, with a few misses as well as hits:-

Knitted Lampshade anyone?

I love this knitted hammock though..
To think, with a ball of string and some knitting needles, you will always be able to knock up your own bed for the night, Ray Mears watch out....!


Heather said...

Fab :) Love the new banner too, well done :)

Jill Bennett said...

you should give lessons in banner making Elaine...great!

Victoria said...

Ha! - I love that crochet skull.

Wanted to let you know I changed my blog name and URL. Hope you can still find me!