Saturday, 10 October 2009

Babychinos, Cookies and Play Dough

Saturday!! -yippee!! Start of the October school break and with an absent father/husband off running up a ski slope in the Cairngorms, all in the name of fun, the boys and I are having a lazy afternoon. In a fit of nostalgia, harking back to when my boys were toddlers, I have just cooked up a big gungy pan of play dough:-

Play Dough Recipe
300g / 10 oz flour
180g / 7 oz salt
2 tbsp cream of Tartar
scant tsp of Oil
500 ml / 15 floz water
1 tsp vanilla (optional, just makes it smell nice)

Mix together in a pan and bring to boil stirring continuously until it becomes 'dry' looking, remove from heat and allow to cool. Knead to bring together into smooth ball and if you like, knead in a few drops of food colour until desired colour.

45 minutes later, my 2 are still playing with it, which is a small miracle in itself given their short attention spans, I am trying hard to ignore the state of my kitchen table and floor!!