Thursday, 25 February 2010

Snow day..

The Schools were closed today in our part of Aberdeenshire after a day of mad snow storms yesterday. The weather has been pretty filthy outside again today, so I knew a day of indoor activities was on the cards with the little ones. Two ideas in particular hit the mark with my two boys (aged 5 and 7) who are both quite active lads, and crafting with them is usually a challenge in itself.

Idea 1- Recycling old Grotty Crayons.
I have seen this idea on the Martha Stewart website, but have never got round to doing it - so thank you HelloCayce for reminding me of the idea on your blog this morning!

Look out your collection of old, broken crayons.

Peel off the paper wrapping and snap up into small pieces.

Find some oven proof moulds, I used some little silicon cupcake cases, but your could use a muffin tin.

Fill up the moulds with the broken crayons and pop in the oven (coolish setting, around 150 degrees centigrade) until melted (about 10 mins)

Once melted, remove from oven and allow to cool down and set in moulds.

and there you have it, a very lovely set of new crayons - my two LOVED the whole process of making these!

(idea 2 to follow tomorrow)


Victoria said...

oooohhhhh, how clever. We have an absolute MOUNTAIN of old crayons. I must remember this for a rainy day (haven't had many more of the snowy ones here in balmy Lancashire thankfully!).

Heather said...

Ha ha whoop whoop! How utterly fab is that?!!? Love it!

Jill Bennett said...

They look good enough to eat!