Monday, 15 February 2010

Acorn Hat for Pixie Girl

I am always deeply flattered when someone asks me to crochet something for them, so when my sister Jill (PixiePeg crafts) asked me if I would mind making an acorn hat for her I was thrilled (if a little nervous) at the challenge. In the end I decided to use a chunky wool mix yarn in a nice brown shade. Because the wool was chunky, it made up in no time, although as always when you can't see a person to measure as you go, I was worried the hat wouldn't fit..

I didn't use a specific pattern for the hat, but if you know the principles of crocheting 'on the round' it is quite simple. I used a single crochet stitch, which I thought gave a nice natural textured weave, and made it long enough to roll up a brim at the bottom, and finally made a short stalk on the top.
Jill phoned me today to thank me for the hat I had posted to her, and I was relieved to see it fitted.

Thanks for the photo Jill, it suits you (see Jills Blog for more photos)


Heather said...

Brilliant! What a fab idea and the colour is perfect. Suits your sis too.

Jill Bennett said...

I'm very attached to this hat Elaine, ive been wearing it about the house. Thanks again.