Saturday, 16 January 2010

Quick and Easy Floor Cushion

We have been doing a lot of lounging lately, mainly due to the lousy weather and forced confinement within the house. We have all been trying to embrace the situation, snuggling up, watching movies, playing board games etc.. My boys love to lie on the floor in front of the fire, so when passing through Edinburgh at Christmas time I picked up some cheap fabric from Ikea to revamp some old abandoned floor cushions. I must admit I am rubbish on the sewing machine, too slap-dash and impatient, so I opted for an envelope style (think pillowcase) cushion cover to avoid having to worry about adding zips or buttons. Heres a quick tutorial of how I made them:-

Step one - Measure and cut out material

The cushion cover apparently should be the same size as the pad, to give a nice fit. Cut the length of fabric so that the ends overlap envelope style when folded over the pad.

Step 2 - hem each end

Step 3 - fold up and pin into position

As you can see the 2 ends over lap here( right sides facing). the idea is to sew right up each side from top to bottom - simple!

Step 4:- Sew up and trim

Because my fabric was a bit too wide for the cushion pad, I sewed generous hems on each side and then trimmed them down for neatness.

Step 5 - Un-inside out Cushion cover and insert your pad

ok, a bit slap dash, but the end result is great. So easy I made another...


Heather said...

Have I mentioned recently that I bloody love Ikea? Ace fabric. Love the cushions. H xx

Jill Bennett said...

These cushions are very original, nice colours.. love them.