Tuesday, 5 January 2010

January Cheer

All my Christmas decorations are down and tidied away for next year, and the house is looking plain and a bit drab to me now. I'm particulary missing our colourful bauble wreath that has been hanging on the front door for almost a month now. Luckily for me I have a replacement to cheer me up through the long wintery days of january:-

This beautiful wreath was a gift from my sister Jill at Christmas time. Jill uses natural materials, gathered in her local area of Northumberland to make her wreaths and other crafts. Her blog Pixiepegs gives details of inspiration and material choice.

This particular wreath is made from Hazel twigs which still have their tiny catkins attached. The bright red gingham ribbon is a lovely contrast to my blue door and the little robin an interesting detail. Thank you Jill - I love it, January isn't going to be quite so gloomy for me this year!!


Heather said...

It's lovely..... what a nice idea to keep the decoration love going somewhat through January. I quite like the contrast of taking everything down - the rediscovered space is ace. However, I do miss the cosy fairy light glow etc... Will be lighting some candles tonight I think.. :)

Elaine said...

I can't bear to take my fairy lights down from my kitchen,(or should I say the fairy lights I borrowed from you Heather!!) they look so lovely and cosy - think I'll take a leaf out of Nigellas book this year!!