Friday, 18 December 2009

Amineko, the sleeping cat

Hot off the hook - meet Amineko, the sleeping cat. He's a bit of a character, who as you can see has exactly the right idea at this time of year when it's cold and dark, and that is to sleep.

I found this pattern here via a link on ravelry, which was very well written and easy to follow. the nice thing about this amigurumi cat is he is very easy to place in different posing positions. The pattern suggested weighting the body, arms and legs with plastic pellets, so after a bit of thought I filled them with hama beads, and indeed it has added just the right amount of weight to the limbs for perfect sleeping positions.


Jill Bennett said...

we love the cat, it's mint! When is the etsy shop opening?

Heather said...

OOOOOOOOH! I love this :)) So sweet...

Anonymous said...

I love your Amineko cat! I just purchased a book on how to make them and cannot wait to get started. I was testing things out last night, crocheting the head, but it seems HUGE!

What kind of yarn did you use? Is it worsted weight?