Monday, 21 September 2009

Lucite and silver wedding embellishment.

Finally I have found the time and have set up my shiney new hardware to do more blogging. I am feeling inspired by Heathers knitting find. I am loving the clickety clack of my needles in the evening. My neck cuff is taking shape and needs an inspired lining. This evening I am thinking about my new sister-in-law Carrie, who asked me to rustle up a wedding necklace, for her marriage to my brother Dan. After much discussion we came up with a loose brief and the lovely let me have a long leash for the rest. I mixed lucite flowers, very Carrie, retro and quirky, with tibetan silver charms and beads, reminding me of my Dad who couldn't be there for the wedding. I managed to use the extras to make some cute hair pins. Carrie looked beautiful and was kind enough to say she loved the creation........what else could she say!

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Heather said...

Both bride and necklace look simply lovely - well done.