Monday, 21 September 2009

Baby blues

After the arrival of a friends fourth baby ( I can sympathize with that number, but know it is enough), I dug out my knitting needles and resurrected one of my favourite patterns. The wonderfully unisex tuck through scarf. It is a straight forward idea and I tend to follow my nose with it. Firstly I dug around in my huge bag of half finished projects and pulled out a ball of beautiful blue grey bamboo tape. Then I wrestled with my drawer full of knitting needles until I found two that matched. I started with casting on three stitches, then in plain knit increased at the end of every row until I was happy with the length. Then cast every other stitch onto a holder kneedle and knitted the remainder for 5 rows or so. I put those stitches onto a holder and knitted the other half up in the same way. Once the two pieces were the same size I knitted them together alternately, back onto one needle. Then continued with plain knit until I was happy with the length. I finished off by doing the same in reverse. Divided the stitches, knitted the separate pieces, rejoined and finished by decreaseing at the end of every row. When I had three stitches remaining I cast off. Now that sounded as clear as mud! Have a go and experiment you might hit it lucky and make something recognisable.

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Heather said...

Beautiful picture Ali, your pal is going to be so pleased to get that adorable wee scarf. A real memory box keeper is that one.