Saturday, 1 August 2009

Julius and Friends

I LOVE Paul Frank, in particular the Julius and friends range of goods. I was so excited to actually visit one of their shops whilst in Chicago, and luck was shining down that day - 40% off everything day!!!So, what did we buy? We were quite restrained, buying only items for the kids, which included these georgous flash cards -

Check out the Paul Frank website for other cool items, and please, please, please watch the cartoons, your kids (and you) will love them!!!


Heather said...

I can see you would be in your element there... Saw an episode of the Dog Whisperer recently featuring the Paul Frank HQ offices. PF staff are allowed to take their dogs to work, if they want, and there are facilities there for the dogs to chill etc. It came across as such a positive place to work - everyone happy, heaps of creativity, brilliant atmosphere. Super cool.

Elaine said...

thats right! there was a resident chiwawa (SP?) in the most designer dog bed i've ever seen- the kids loved it!