Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Splash of Red

Not much happening on the 'Hooking' front right now, I am defiantly needing some inspiration. I guess as we start to emerge from the cold winter months, I don't much feel like making any cosy hats or gloves. I did pick up a bargain 50p ball of silk/kid mohair yarn from our local Red Cross Charity shop, and fancied making a little neckerchief to brighten up my all too grey outfits. This one was made during a half hour episode of 'Nurse Jackie'.

I started with 3 chains, gradually increased at either end of the row to make a 'tip', and then decreased until I had 5 stitches. Crocheted until it was long enough to go round my neck and then repeated the 'tip' for the other end.

I'm rubbish at 'accessorising' outfits, so I'm hoping this will make me try a bit harder - it's a start...

1 comment:

Jill Bennett said...

Excellent photography of a jaunty little piece of crochet. You are bringing a taste of Paris to Banchory.