Friday, 13 November 2009

Little Creatures and Their Homes

How cute are these?? These little designs are based on a pattern in the fabulous 'Amigurumi Two' book by Ana Paula Rimola. I adapted the design slightly for the fir tree, by crocheting a basic 'christmas tree' shape top and then a simple cup shape for a base. The cleverness in the design of these little pots are the 'Back post' stitches used at the top to give a ridge for the lid to sit on - don't be put off if you've never tried this stitch before (I know I was), it is very simple -watch this video for a how to.
My boys were thrilled when they opened up the pots and found the little creatures inside - I love them!!
Let me know if you want me to write a quick tutorial for the tree, and I can post it here!


Lin said...

They're adorable~! I'd love to know how to make the little trees; with a little tweaking, they'd make great Christmas presents/tree ornaments. :3

Heather said...

So cute... :))