Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Printing With Fabric Paints

I've been searching for a 'big old' table cloth for a while now, something fresh and light that I can throw over our kitchen table to brighten my mood or to use out in the garden on our big outdoor table on a summers day. A month or so back I bought a couple of wood block stamps (fairtrade) from Newton Dee's gift shop and thought that the pattern would look lovely on a plain white piece of fabric as a table cloth.

Dylon do a fantastic range of fabric paints, where all you need to do to 'fix' the paint is to iron it. So, this morning, on my hands and knees on the kitchen floor I stamped out a central pattern on a white sheet I had aquired from a local charity shop, left it to dry and then ironed and washed the sheet. My new table cloth certainly freshens up the kitchen, but it was whisked away immediatly at the mention of 2 small children sitting down to eat their pasta for tea....

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Heather said...

Gorgeous blue.. looks great.