Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Easy Knit Baby Hat

Stylishly modelled by my sugar canister, I bring you my moss stitch newborn hat, knitted in bamboo yarn with size 4.5 needles, if I recall correctly.

Ever a fan of rectangular & square patterns which require very little skill, I decided this half finished ball of yarn should transform as effortlessly as possible into a baby hat for a friend's newborn. I worked out rough baby-head dimensions with the help of Baby Annabel and a grapefruit. Following my highly scientific experiments with fruit and children's toys I knit a rectangle before casting off all but 5 stitches and then decreasing these 5 by 1 stitch every 3 rows to make a tapering tail for loosely closing the hat. Making up consisted of simply folding the rectangle in half and stitching the back edges together on the inside. The tail pokes between reinforced stitches to close off the hat. Super easy urchin chic.

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